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Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Mike's Tire & Auto:

This is a place that I can trust my daughter's car with. We live in Tulsa, and our daughter lives in Norman. I have been very pleased with the service on her car and the honesty of our transactions. Thanks Robert!

A. G. U.

Love this place. They've always been honest about what my car needs and never try to sell anything extra. Plus, they have an OU discount! And the review where they siad they didn't rotate the spare tire, ya I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to include spare in the rotation...

Cary P.

I went here to just change out 1 tire. I ended up getting my AC repaired too! That was great! I've lived by this place for 5 years and didn't know they work on everything! They were real friendly and they took the time to explain everything to me. If you're looking for any type of automotive work this is a must go to place!

Rob S.

I had tires that looked like someone had taken a razor blade and cut around the tires on each side of the raised letters. The service tech told me that its not that someone took a razor to the tire; it was the how the raised lettering went on the tire. He explained how it works and that it would not cause any issues. The tread was still in good shape. They did a free trip inspection and sent me on my way. I was ready to buy tires and they could have sold me that day. I appreciate the honesty and eased my mind for the drive to Wichita, KS.

Greg H.

They have done a consistently great job on all of my vehicles. Started bringing my Jetta here and they have been able to do everything it needs and don't charge an arm and a leg like these "Euro" shops.

Fransisco G.

I had taken my car to another shop down the street and they couldn't figure out why it was overheating for two days so I brought it to Mike's and they had it figured out within 2 hours. Plus they didn't charge me diagnostic. Thanks for being competent!

Freddy G.

Nice to find a shop that's honest with you. They actually showed me what needed to be done on my car AND prioritized it. I will definitely be back.

John C.

Great service that's timely and competent

Mark N.

I love Mikes tire and auto! They are always very friendly and eager to help with anything wrong on my cars, their mechanics are very knowledgeable and I have never had any problems with their shop, unlike at Firestone. Firestone always ripped me off for years, so glad I started coming to see Mike!


What a great staff Mike has! I highly recommend this place to all of my friends and co-workers. Especially those that want their car looked at or fixed by someone that cares and someone that isn't a felon, like the types of people other auto repair shops hire. I never have to worry about anything being stolen from my car when I take it to Mike, Hibdon tires did that on multiple occasions. Always take my car to Mike and you all should do the same!


I dropped in without an appointment for help after I had issues with my engine oil level light. It turned out to be a pressure switch issue that was not entirely connected and took 5 minutes total for them to figure out. (I also lost my engine oil cap in the engine well and they fished that out too). Although, I offered, they refused to accept any payment. I value customer service and integrity and I will definitely be back.

Alana H.

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